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Welcome to 'The History Project' Library!

This is where, from time to time, the Editors will deposit articles of an historic nature, relevant to all matters 'feline'. The range of topics could be broad, covering such things as feline health, the history of a specific breed or even a specific color or pattern within a breed.

"It all reads very categorical......"
Image from a Rotograph.Co.Postcard, c1905,
courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection.

Histories relevant to a particular cat, a club, or a person within the fancy, or an item housed in either the CFA Foundation's Feline Historical Museum or The Harrison Weir Collection, will be found in the sections on CATS, CLUBS, PEOPLE or ARTIFACTS respectively. All other articles not fitting into those categories will find their way into this library!

Eventually, as material becomes available, many historical breed and color articles will be found here in an archive of PDF files. The opinions expressed in any archived material, may not necessarily be those of either the Editors, or of the CFA Foundation, or The Harrison Weir Collection. As the library grows, the Editors will reserve the right to place the articles into relevant sub-categories for easy reference or maintenance and to make the library user friendly, for searching under specific or topical headings.

The library is open online resource, for everyone who is a cat fancier, whether you own a cat or not, whether you belong to a club or not, and regardless of your affiliation. Our aim is to educate, in a spirit of transparency and healthy debate, and to share that learning with all who are willing to participate.

Fact Files

Film Clips

1926 National Cat Show at the Crystal Palace, London, England, by British Pathe

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About Specific Breeds

Colors and Patterns


First Edition Bookplate image 'Henriette Ronner - The Painter of Cat Life and Cat Character' by M.H.Spielmann, published by Kirgberger & Kesper, Amsterdam, 1892.
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

A Note from the Editors

We encourage you to submit articles for consideration as suitable for inclusion in this library. They may include any topic you consider relevant to the keeping, housing, breeding, welfare, training, grooming, exhibiting, genetics, art or social history of cats, and their caretakers. If you have any questions with regard to submissions, please refer to the Contact page and send us your query/request.

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