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Welcome to The History Project!

Every endeavour of man has a history. Some histories are recorded and some not. Some have been painted on cave walls, others carved into stone. Some are written on paper, or take the form of art on canvas. And some are compiled into books, while others are recorded on film or on audio technology, and many, like this project, are now digitized.

But whatever form they take, there is an underlying passion behind them, a desire to tell a story and to share a knowledge learned from an actual experience, each relevant to a certain time and place, and often in a long forgotten context.

Winston Churchill once said, "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see."

The Cat Fancy also owns a unique history, but the Fancy is not a static object, it is fluid by nature, and grows, and changes, and as we learn more about feline genetics and observe mother nature's innate ability to move forward and mutate, creating new challenges for us; we must make every effort to remain informed and open to whatever challenges may come our way.

The History Project has been established to pull together, 'pool and preserve', many of the missing or previously lost pieces of the Fancy's early history, by working in a collaborative environment, with a common set of goals. The aim is to create both 'a permanent and easily accessible' historical resource, for all cat fanciers.

The result we hope, will be to effectively 'record and celebrate' the successes of breeders, exhibitors and clubs, and more importantly, the living and ongoing contribution made by the stunningly beautiful cats, that have brought so much joy and colour into our lives. It is the cats that are the ultimate 'living history' of that which has gone before.

We invite you to read and hopefully enjoy our efforts and if you feel that you can contribute to this pool of knowledge for the benefit of all, then we most certainly encourage you to do so.

"Study the past, if you would define the future".Confucius

Border illustration of cats by Harrison Weir, "Father of the Cat Fancy", from Animal Stories in Pictures and Prose, (1885). Courtesy of the Harrison Weir Collection.

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